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If you’ve experienced a boiler breakdown, you’re in the right place. Our team of experienced Gas Safe registered heating and plumbing engineers offer fast, reliable and affordable repairs in Location. We offer fast response times, highly competitive pricing and complete accountability for the work we carry out. We take pride in our engineers abilities and offer a 12-month warranty on and work we do carry out.

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Our Boiler Repair Service in Bridgend

Not having a working boiler can be a right pain, that’s why wherever possible we will get an engineer to you within 24hours, and can usually fix the most common issues on the first visit. We negotiate with boiler manufacturers and our suppliers to offer very competitive rates on replacement parts for all brands of boilers, including Worcester, Ideal, Viessmann and Vaillant.

We can repair all makes of boiler in Location, as well as a full range of safety testing and boiler servicing.  Should you be experiencing any problems with your boiler or heating system, give us a call.  Our repair service includes combi boilers, system boilers, electric boilers and unvented boilers.

We aim to offer our customers complete satisfaction and offer the highest standards of boiler repair in accordance with the manufacturers requirements and current legislation.

Same Day Emergency Boiler repairs by Bridgend Gas Safe Engineers

Our engineers are gas safe registered and have the required qualifications to carry out boiler repairs and cover the Location Area. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and each of our engineers has a Gas Safe card with their picture on it, and wears our company uniform. We treat each customer with respect and always clean up before we leave your home.

Boiler breakdowns always happen at the most inconvenient times! We know that waiting around for you boiler to get fixed isn’t fun. That’s why when we receive a call of a boiler breakdown it’s our mission to try our best to get an engineer out to you before the end of the day and get the problem sorted for you as soon as possible. With any gas leaks or uncontrolled water leaks, we try to be at the property within the hour where possible. Where there is a real or perceived risk to life or property we promise to get to you as soon as we can! The most frequent repairs we attend are:

  • Boiler repair engineer required after boiler leaking
  • Water leaking from boiler casing
  • Boiler displaying error or fault codes
  • Heating working but hot water not working
  • Smell of gas – Trace and Repair
  • Banging noises
  • Losing pressure
  • Boiler keeps switching off

If you’re experiencing any problems with your boiler and you’re based in Bridgend or the surrounding area’s, get in touch with us today and we will get an engineer out to you as soon as possible to get your boiler back working.

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Frequently Asked Broken Boiler Questions

Your boiler may display a fault code for a number of reasons, from lack of pressure to a faulty fan. You can search google to find out what the fault code means by inputting the boiler make and model + the fault code to get a rough idea on what’s wrong. Our engineers will are able to use the boiler fault codes to direct them in their fault finding to determine exactly what’s wrong with your boiler, and get it back working as soon as possible for you.
Something as simple as the clocks going forwards or backwards could be behind a thermostat that appears to be faulty. Whether it is old, broken or just out of sync, try resetting the thermostat by turning off the boiler and restarting your central heating system.

If you require further help, our qualified engineers are on-hand to help, wherever you are. We also supply and install a range of thermostats, so rest assured that we could provide you with a suitable solution if your current device has completely ceased to work.

It is crucial to remember that you should only perform checks on your boiler that are simple with minimum risk. Do not attempt to fix the issue yourself as this could be extremely dangerous.

All of our engineers are Gas Safe-registered and fully qualified to diagnose and fix your central heating problems, so whether you know what the problem is or not, you can book an appointment with a local expert to diagnose the issue and get your heating back up and running effectively again.
You may experience a lack of heat or hot water due to valve failure, airlocks, a faulty thermostat or low water levels. You could perform a few simple checks to identify the problem. Check the pilot light in a gas boiler to see that it is burning blue or check the thermostat on an electric boiler to see that it is set correctly. If you need an engineer to assist you, get in.
Boiler “kettling” is when limescale builds up in the system’s heat exchanger and causes strange noises like whistling, gurgling and banging to occur. This problem could also be attributed to low water pressure or pump failure, which means that the central heating system won’t be receiving enough water through its pipes to heat your home – a boiler losing pressure is a boiler losing its primary function, so this should be rectified quickly.

Common reasons for a loss of pressure include a damaged pressure relief valve or a leak somewhere within your central heating system.


This could cause your boiler to lose its efficiency and, indeed, its ability to heat your home altogether. A common hint of this issue is the pressure gauge fluctuating above and below the 1 bar mark, so that is the first thing you should check.

Whether it’s a loose connection, high water pressure or a faulty part, there are several problems that could cause your boiler to leak.

This is an issue that should be rectified as quickly as possible by a Gas Safe-registered engineer, as in some cases, it could mean that your boiler is corroding inside. This is could be particularly serious in electric boilers, as these could short circuit if a leak occurs in the wrong place.

Contact us to book an appointment with one of our engineers and we will be out to fix it as soon as we can.
This common problem could be down to low water pressure, a problem with the thermostat, frozen condensate pipes or an issue with the supply of gas, water, electricity or oil. It could also be due to air in the system or a faulty pump, so replacement parts may be necessary.

Take a look at the thermostat and electricity supply to other appliances before taking any action. We recommend contacting one of our boiler engineers for help.

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