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Underfloor Heating with Iguana

There are two types of underfloor heating: Electric and Water.  Underfloor heating is a type of radiant heating, that warms your home more uniformly than radiators, and is able to replace radiators altogether. 

Both types of underfloor heating system take into account the size of the area to be heated, insulation of the property the flooring that the system will be laid on, and the flooring you will have over it. 

This type of heating system is not as responsive in increasing home temperatures, so should ideally be set to keep the property at roughly the same temperature day and night, however is much more efficient than its radiator alternative.

Water UFH: Is cheaper to run than it’s electric alternative, however the installation costs are higher. It’s also dependent on the boiler within your property. 

Electric UFH: Slightly more expensive to run, however installation costs area cheaper, and does not depend on the boiler within your property.  

Both types have their benefits and drawbacks, which we would be happy to discuss with you should you be looking for Underfloor heating.


Design, Installation, Retrofitting and Repairs

We are able to design, install and carry out repairs to existing underfloor heating systems. Should you be looking to retrofit underfloor heating in just one room, it’s often more cost effective to install electric underfloor heating.  The costs involved in retrofitting underfloor heating to an entire property are usually high.  The best time to install is during the initial build, or during major renovation works.


Repairs: Luckily most faults that happen in an underfloor heating system don’t require the floor to be removed to be fixed. In the case of water underfloor heating, the problem could be an air lock in the system, jammed valves, a dying/broken pumps or the thermostat.  Whatever your problem, give us a ring and we’ll get your underfloor heating system working like it used too.


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  • 24 Hour Emergency Call-out
  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • Prompt Response to All
  • Competitive Pricing