Central Heating

Full Central Heating Design

A full central heating system design should take into account a number of different variables, including the U-values of the house, heat emitters, boiler sizing among many other things. 

Simply put your heating system should be able to heat a home to between 18-23 Degrees, taking into account the average outdoor temperature in the area. 

 If you’re interested in how we design our central heating systems to be as efficient as possible, you should download our PDF on central heating and Energy saving. 

We can carry out surveys on existing homes, to establish if you have the most efficient heating system, and if not, what you may be able to do to improve its efficiency.

Often neglected in domestic properties, is their adequate ventilation, ensuring that there is a sufficient supply of fresh air whilst maintaining a liveable indoor temperature

Central Heating Servicing

Do all your radiators heat up evenly? Are there any leaks on your system? Does it take a long time to heat up?  These all may be symptoms that your system isn’t working at its optimal efficiency.  

We can carry out a full heating survey using state of the art equipment to determine where any cold spots or areas of concern in your system, and provide you with the solutions to fix them.  

We are also able to change and replace existing radiator valves to new thermostatic radiator valves that will help regulate individual room temperatures, and have been shown to reduce energy bills.

Replacement Radiators

You may choose to replace, remove or relocate a radiator for a number of reasons, whatever that reason may be, we can help you. 

Should you want to replace an out dated radiator for a new high output one, or remove a radiator from a position in your home altogether, our engineers are able to provide you with the service. 

If you’re not sure on the correct radiator sizing(output) for a specific room in your home, we’re also able to help assist you in choosing the right product that’ll keep the room warm, even in the coldest of weathers. 

System Flushing

You’re likely to hear about system flushing for the first time when you try to make a claim on your heating insurance and the issue isn’t covered because its caused by sludge. This is often overused get out clause and leaves many people confused as to the point in their cover in the first place.  In our opinion, pay monthly cover for heating is much over-rated and more costly than correct installation and maintenance* and when there’s a problem you often find you’re not covered anyway on monthly plans.

We are able to establish whether you have a slugged system, by measuring the water quality within your central heating system.  Depending on the outcome, will depend on what route to go down to restore your heating system to it’s full working efficiency. You may potentially need system flushing if: 

  • Your radiators take longer than usual to heat up
  • Unusual noises coming from your system
  • cold patches on radiators
  • Radiators need bleeding frequently

Types of Flushing

Chemical Flushing, will resolve any light build up in sludge and other particles which are introduced to the system.  When having a new boiler installation, chemical flushing must be carried out to comply with building regulations.  Chemical can be left to work for 1 hour, to 7 days depending on the sludge within your system. 

Power-flushing/magnetic flushing is for heavy sludge deposits, this is the most effective way of removing sludge from your system. It utilises high flow at a low pressure to remove all sludge and particles within your heating system. If your heating system is over 15 years old, a power-flush may reduce your heating bills. 

Replacement Sections some systems may need components replacing such as pipework and/or radiators if the deposits within the system are exceptionally bad.

Preventative Measures

Magnetic Filters: We recommend having a magnetic filter installed on your heating system when  having your boiler changed. However we are able to retro filters to help improve the efficiency of your heating system.  These filters are cleaned every time the boiler is serviced. 

*We explain in more detail why it’s usually more expensive in our Central Heating and Energy Saving PDF

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