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Do I Need To Replace My Boiler?

When should you start thinking about a boiler replacement?

If you’re not sure whether you should replacing your boiler rather than fixing it, this guide is going to help.

We’re going to cover exactly how long boilers last, how to prolong the life of your boiler, when you should be repairing it, and when it’s time for a replacement

How long does a boiler last?

Typically, you’d expect the lifespan of a boiler to be in the region of 10-15 years. This can be less for unreliable brands, and those with incredibly short warranties. This lifespan applies to all fuel types such as oil, lpg and gas, as well as all types including combi, system and regular boilers.

When should you repair your boiler?

If your boiler is less than 5-years old, and there are only 1-2 parts needing repairs costing £300 or less, the economic option, is to repair it rather than replace it.

When should you replace your boiler?

When your boiler is over 10-years old, out of warranty and you’re facing bills of over £500, we’d suggest going for a replacement. We will always advise of what the best course of action is in our experience, but will never pressure you into either decision. We offer replacement boilers starting at £1,800, and can have warranties of up to 10 years. Whereas a boiler repair is only warrantied for 12 months – on the parts replaced. It’s often much more cost effective to replace a boiler with faults developing.

We offer competitive pricing on all our boiler installations, starting at £1,800 and accept a wide range of payments, and are able to offer finance.

Choose your perfect boiler


28Kw A-rated Boiler
£ 1850
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Full Chemical Flush
  • Free Wireless Thermostat
  • Hot Water Flow Rate 12.1 l/min


30Kw A-rated Boiler
£ 2100
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Full Chemical Flush
  • Free Wireless Thermostat
  • Hot water flow rate 12.5 l/min
  • Magnetic Filter Technology


35Kw A-Rated Boiler
£ 2450
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Full Chemical Flush
  • Free Smart Thermostat
  • How water flow rate 14.5 l/min

The prices above are a rough guide on combination boiler installation, in the same position as your existing boiler. For a written quotation, please give us a call or request a call back.  

Signs of a broken or faulty boiler

There are a number of ways a boiler can become faulty. Each problem can show a number of warning signs to look out for. If you notice any of the following signs, please seek the help of a professional right away. These issues can also be identified during a boiler service

Leaking or drips from your boiler

Your boiler can begin to leak in many places. To really pinpoint the exact problem, you need to know where your boiler is leaking from. The most common cause of a leaking boiler is from a broken component inside the boiler. The pump seal or pressure valve could be damaged. If the pressure valve is the culprit, your boiler pressure may be too high. If it is the pump, then it may simply have become worn out from excessive or constant use over time.  

There are many other causes for leaks and drips from your boiler, so its best to give us a call so we can correctly identify the issues.

Constant low boiler pressure

Low boiler pressure can be caused by a number of things, including water leaks, bleeding radiators as well as the need for a new pressure valve. It’s easy to check the pressure of your boiler. All you need to do is look at the built in pressure gauge. If the needle is below 1, you may have a problem that needs addressing.   

If you’re finding you’re losing pressure quickly, even when re-pressurising your system – get in touch with us to find out any underlying problem.

Thermostat issues

If your thermostat is switching itself on or off without any input from you OR losing its accuracy – then you may need a new one. This problem shouldn’t be anything to do with the boiler itself. Although, you may wish to get it checked – just to be sure!


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