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What is ErP? Boiler Efficiency?

What you need to know about ERP and boiler efficiency

You may have seen the big sticker on white goods, such as washing machines or dishwashers, showing an energy rating guide for a particular product. Ever wondered what it means? An energy rating is crucial when shopping for a new boiler, as well as a number of other large appliances. Why is this rating an important thing to consider before a purchase?

Being more cautious with our energy usage and reducing gas emissions is becoming increasingly more important as the years go by, especially after seeing the effect excessive usage has had on the environment so far. In 2009, the ErP Directive was signed, bringing positive change in favour of energy efficiency in products.

What is ErP?

The purpose of the ErP Directive is to encourage manufacturers to offer products that are kinder to the environment by reducing harmful gas emissions through production and disposal. As the name of the Directive suggests, it applies to energy related products that have a significant impact on the environment

How does it work?

The ErP directive is split between Eco Design and Energy Labelling:

  • Eco Design makes sure that a product meets specific energy-saving criteria when it is being manufactured and installed. Only products which meet new design and functionality requirements will be permitted to be used or installed into homes.
  • Energy Labelling should be clear, meaning that at a glance, people can see an ErP rating and know how efficient that particular product will be. Ratings range from A+++ to G, with G being the lowest rating possible and A+++ being the highest.

What is boiler efficiency? Is it important?

Boiler efficiency is determined by how much of the fuel is converted into usable energy against how much fuel is wasted in the process. It is calculated as a percentage which equates to an ErP certified letter rating from A+++ down to G.

Modern condensing boilers are potentially 89-94% efficient. Boilers that are more than 20 years old can be as little as 60% efficient. Boiler efficiency is calculated by analysing the fuel it converts into usable energy and also how much fuel is wasted throughout the process. Depending on the percentage, the product will receive a letter rating, enabling someone to quickly identify more energy efficient products.


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