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What Is The Gas Safe Register?

Who are the Gas Safe Register, and why should my gas engineer be registered?

The Gas Safe Register is the only official gas registration body of gas businesses and engineers in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. By law all gas businesses must be on the Gas Safe Register.

On 1 April 2009 it replaced the old CORGI registration as the gas registration body in Great Britain and has since been improving and maintaining gas safety in the UK.

Only a Gas Safe registered engineer is legally allowed to install, maintain, repair and service gas appliances.

A Gas Safe registered engineer is qualified to work on:

  • Domestic boilers
  • Gas hobs
  • Gas ovens
  • Gas cookers
  • Gas fires
  • all other gas appliances in your home

It is a legal requirement for anyone carrying out gas work to be registered with Gas Safe Register.

When you choose a heating engineer, be sure to check the engineer presents their Gas Safe Register ID card, or you’ve confirmed online they are legally registered to carry out gas work. It’s also important to check the engineer or company is qualified to undertake the work you require doing. This information is available online by searching the Gas Safe Register, or on the back of the engineers ID card.

We can’t stress enough how important it to ensure that your heating engineer is Gas Safe registered otherwise you could be putting your self and your family at risk. Badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tips To Stay Safe

Iguana Heating and Plumbing LTD and The Gas Safe register offers these tips for gas saftey:
1. Check appliances annually

2. Learn the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning – although carbon monoxide (CO) has no smell, taste or colour, symptoms of poisoning include: headaches; dizziness; nausea; breathlessness; collapse and loss of consciousness – all of which can be mistaken for something else.

3. Recognise the signs of unsafe gas appliance – these include: a lazy yellow flame instead of a crisp blue flame; soot or staining on or around the appliance; excess condensation in the room.

At Iguana Heating and Plumbing we cover both Natural Gas and LPG gas appliances.

Iguana Heating and Plumbing LTD’s Gas Safe Registration Number: 622985

What If You Rent?

A landlord it is required by law that all gas appliances supplied for tenants to use are maintained in a safe condition. A Gas Safe registered engineer is required to carry out a gas safety check on them every 12 months.

Over a quarter of renters are unaware of gas safety certificates according to a recent survey.

Landlord gas safety certificates are required by law, where checks to gas appliances in the rented property should be carried out by a gas safe engineer annually to ensure that they are safe for use by tenants.

By a landlord failing to have gas checks carried out annually, tenants are not only put at increased risk from dangerous gas appliances, but it’s also breaking the law.

Things get forgotten about, or your landlord may not realise it’s their responsibility to provide these checks, however with this knowledge you can give them a gentle reminder ensuring that your safety isn’t put in jeopardy.


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